Monday, August 14, 2006

In My Nightmares I See Acres and Acres of Pine Hardwood Floors

So if someone ever asks you if you think you can knock out refinishing 1500 sq. ft. of 50 year old original pine hardwood floors (that have never been refinished in their piney lives), all alone, over a weekend, without killing yourself, the correct answer is NO.

Or, you know, yes. But just barely. And only if you're stupid and/or stubborn enough to put in a few 12-14 hour days. And have a titanium-reinforced back that won't leave you bent over and hobbling like an arthritic octogenarian shuffling their way towards the nearest Luby's when you're done.

(And I'm not even really done, as I have one more screening pass with a buffer to go, then the first coat of sealer.)

Mock grousing aside, I actually enjoyed most of the work itself, except for using the edger, which was the bane of my weekend existence. It actually helped that the floors were in pretty damn bad shape, and that ScurvyWife and I were realistic about the fact that the end product wouldn't be 100% perfect and blemish-free. They look about 10,000 times better than before, which is good enough for us. Before and after pics coming soon, when everythng is sealed and finished and nicey-nice looking.

I did squeeze in a tiny, tiny amount of poker last night, but only fifteen minutes or so. Extracted $75 from the Titan ATM and took my tired bones to bed. If I can get done with the first sealer coat in time, I may try to run the $200 + $16 LHE event at Full Tilt, but odds are likely I won't be done in time. I'm taking Wednesday-Friday off, though, to get moving-related stuff done, so I'll probably play in both the HORSE and PLHE events, so there is that to look forward to.

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Brick said...

So, why do you think it costs $3 a square foot to refinish floors?

I wish I had been paying enough attention to your blog to warn you not to attempt this.

Good luck, though. You'll feel damn good when it's done.