Monday, August 28, 2006

Living Out of Boxes Rulz

Managed to get 95% of the moving done without killing anyone, and we're pretty much completely moved to the new place, albeit living out of boxes. I'd say it's fun, sort of Christmas-like, opening mystery box after mystery box looking for something like the remote control to the DVD player, but that's really not all that much fun, just annoying as hell.

But I suppose it could have been worse, since we were behind schedule and scrambling there at the end, and everything pretty much got done. ScurvyRat (who usually gets car sick and hates riding in the sickness-inducing carriages) actually did really well on the drive down, and seems to like the new place. He apparently thinks the hardwood floors are lava, though, if he's on the couch or otherwise not standing on the floor; if he's on the floor, he's totally copacetic and unbothered and runs around like a mad rat. Yeah, he's weird.

Still a little overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of all that needs doing, but it's a big relief to get moved down here. I should be able to knock out the painting and repairs that need doing in the Austin house in the next few weeks, and then I can knocking out assorted stuff here at the country home.

Not much pokering at all to relate, with everything else going on. Hopefully I'll get a few hands in here and there in the near future, but it might be slim pickings for the near future. Part of the reasoning behind moving out to the country and shaking things up was for both ScurvyWife and myself to get serious about our respective endeavors (for her, art; for me, house fixin' up and other business stuff), so the plan isn't to immediately revert to the happy, satisfied status quo we'd established living in Austin. My plan is to try to stay in go mode as far as work on the house, and just slam out as much work as I can over the next 2-3 months.

So I'll definitely still be sneaking in some poker here and there, just not tons and tons o' hands. At least that's the plan. We'll see if the degeneracy gets the better of me.


Gregory Damien said...

Live Vicariously-- sponsor another degenerate.

Here's the moving test:

Did you move any boxes from the old house that were never opened or unpacked at the previous house?

If you did you're not likely to open them at the new spot either.

Klopzi said...

I hear ya.

We just got our cable installed yesterday, so I had to go through a bunch of boxes looking for various cables, remotes, etc.

Even once we're unpacked, still so much to do.

Good luck with getting settled.