Thursday, August 17, 2006

Whee, Vacation

Words can't express how nice it is to not have to go to HyperMegaGlobalCorp for a few days, even if it's not vacation proper and I'm just tooling around home, doing assorted crap. Not that I don't enjoy vacation proper, but there's always the flying and/or driving and/or doing of assorted vacationy stuff, and always a lingering notion of something going on, at the back of my mind. Not so much the last few days, although I have been busy with house stuff.

Poker was sort of up and down yesterday. Made nice coin at the NL cash games and then donated a chunk back trying to satellite into the $200+$16 PLHE event at Full Tilt, then giving up and just buying in directly. I made it past the second break in the PLHE event but was never really a factor, pretty much completely card dead from just before the first break. I think I had one pocket pair the entire tournament and never really could get anything going. Finally busted out when A8s ran into AK (although I did flop an 8, only for the dread K to magically appear on the river.)

Played a satellite into the $200+$16 HORSE event at the same time and busted about ten spots from getting a seat, which is always fun. I like HORSE tournaments but never seem to have the best of timing as far as going on runs, tending to peak early/mid tournament, and then getting no love when blinds get big and Razz rolls around and I go to war with the table maniac when I have A25 and suddenly transform into a brick magnet and he catches perfectly. 'Tis the nature of the beast (and really, of any tournament) when blinds get big, but for some reason it bugs me more in HORSE, after all that careful planning and thought and patience and then suddenly finding yourself committed to a hand, for your entire stack, and things go south.

Whinging aside, I likely may end up playing the HORSE event tonight anyway. So, you know, ignore the silly babbling man.


Gnome said...

Good luck if you do play the HORSE event. I want to see a Scurvy gold jersey.

Gregory Damien said...

Excellent progress on the "degenerate challenge".

Any updates?

5 months in 2/3 of the way there. That is very impresive. I'd think the first third would be the hardest.

Are you going to focus more on poker or continue with the casinos?