Friday, August 18, 2006

Horsie Horse

No real fireworks, but I did manage to money last night in the $200 + $16 HORSE event at Full Tilt, just creeping past the bubble and going out around 50th. True to form, I peaked a little early, sitting in 2nd at the third break but fading in the last hour when complete card deadedness set in, which is particularly painful in the Razz/Stud rounds. I could have easily folded to the money but got caught bluffing at a few pots with big door cards trying to steal blinds in position, etc., and was sweating it come bubble time, but squeaked through.

Felt like I played pretty solidly, and, oddly enough, picked up most of my chips at the Stud games throughout the night. probably won't have time to run another event in the Full Tilt series, unless I manage to satellite into the big Sunday event.


Pokerwolf said...

Congrats on the cash! Well done!

Joe Speaker said...

Nice one. Congrats.