Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year

Had a good New Year's, all in all. We had a low-key gathering at our house which was fun, nobody got too drunk and stupid, and all I had to do was stumble twenty feet or so to bed. My Longhorns finally came through for me in bowl game, which was nice, if not a little bit surprising. Vince Young, you tha man. Now just don't be stupid and get an inflated head and think about declaring early for the draft.

I also managed to wrap up our NFL office pool yesterday, which works out to a nice little +$200 pot. I'd had a comfortable lead for most of the year but it got closer in recent weeks, and I was only two points ahead going into the last week, which is always hard to pick, with teams resting first-stringers, ridiculous spreads, etc. I managed to pull it out, though, largely thanks to Denver and Jake the Snake coming through for me against Indy and SF somehow managing to lose by only 14 points, despite every attempt to blow it.

Didn't play much poker at all, sort of taking a break and recharging the batteries before making the Crypto bonus rounds.

Work is pretty much as I left it. Meh.

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