Monday, January 17, 2005

Pacific Poker: Aquarium of the Week Award Winner

And the Aquarium of the Week Award goes to:

Pacific Poker: Get $100 Free!

Sweet merciful Jebus. I'd forgotten just how bad the players here are. I've been pretty busy the last few days *cough, casino bonuses, cough* and logging far too much computer time, as my wife has been feeling sickly so I've been putting all the free, unencumbered time to good use. I've also been knocking out some lingering poker bonuses and had one left at Pacific that I thought I'd clear out.

So I deposited some cash, downloaded the software again, and fired up a 3/6 table. at Pacific, barely paying attention to it as I multi-tasked on about eighteen different things.

Couple of hours later I cash out up $382. And the crazy thing is that I really didn't get amazing cards, other than a couple of full houses where it got capped on every street. I'm not sure what some of the people were smoking but time after time I'd make what I thought were crying calls with top pair, only to have the guy flip over J high, which he was capping every street with. People cold-calling three bets pre-flop with K4o. Pure unadulterated insanity. These guys made Crypto players look like superstars. And that takes some doing.

So yeah. If you haven't hit up Pacific yet, give it a whirl. They have a pretty nice initial signup bonus ($100 bonus on a $400 deposit) in addition to bad, bad players.

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