Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tuesday > Monday

Learning to weld is officially teh shit. We got to do some electric arc welding last night, which beats the hell out of gas welding. The sad/awesome thing is that all the while I was doing mental calculations of how many Party/Empire reloads it'll take to pay for all the cool welding equipment I'm inevitably going to want to buy when class is done. They're going to offer an intermediate class, though, that continues where the beginning one the wife and I are taking now leaves off, so we'll probably just take that, which likely buys me a few months to raise the assorted scratch for welding toys.

Didn't play a single hand of poker yesterday. The fact that that's noteworthy is pretty, umm, noteworthy in and of itself.

Real honest to Jebus poker post coming later, when I catch up on some work.

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