Thursday, January 13, 2005

Messin' with Party

I hesitate to post this, as it's obviously gaming the system, but what the hell. Just be forewarned that there could possibly be repercussions, as it involves using Party bonus codes that aren't publicly available, so it's really obvious which accounts are partaking in this.

Some of you may have seen this on other forums, but there are some odd non-public Party codes available right now. They're all 10x raked, 30 days to clear bonuses. Here they are:

JAN05CASHOUT1 - 100% to $100
JAN05CASHOUT2 - 100% to $50
JAN05CASHOUT3 - $50 for $20
JAN05CASHOUT4 - $50 to $15

Here's what's odd about them. The bonus is immediately added to your account. You can't cash out the bonus, though, so you can't simple deposit, get the bonus, then withdraw. Party is also removing these bonuses from accounts, in a fairly haphazard fashion. Because they each require 10x to clear, the odds are great that while you can get the bonuses right now, Party will remove them from your account before you can clear them in a normal fashion.

What you can do, though, is deposit, get the bonuses, then cashout your original deposits immediately, so that only bonus money is left in your account. If you get all four, that means you'll have $185 in your account in pure bonus money. Take that money to a 5/10, 10/20, or 15/30 table and take a shot with it. It's going to disappear anyway, as Party is yanking back these bonuses as they find them.

Take it to a higher limit table and gambool it up, hoping you hit some cards quickly. If you do, then cash out your winnings in increments of $50 or $100, leaving you with your original bonus money stake to play with. Keep cashing out what you can and repeat, over and over.

Yeah, I know, somewhat sneaky, but I've just withdrawn over $400 this way, after being blessed with a nice initial run of cards at a 10/20 table. And as of 5:40 PM Central time, the bonus codes still work for some reason, despite Party manually removing a lot of them after they're credited to accounts.

Like I said originally, this leaves an obvious trail and may not make the good folks at Party all that happy. So keep that in mind if you go down this path.

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