Monday, January 24, 2005

Has Somebody Got a Case of the Mondays?

Man. Monday just needs to get itself hence. Ain't nothing good about Monday.

Didn't get a ton of gambling in this weekend, as I had to run assorted errands, watch assorted football, and other sundry assorted stuff. I did get the InterPoker monthly bonus cleared, though, in pretty crazy fashion. I'm really not sure what was up, if someone there flipped the give-the-monkey-good-cards switch or something, but I deposited $100, played £1/2 6 max tables for 500 hands or so, and cashed out at $576. Just kept hitting flop after flop after flop. Yesterday I had two straight flushes in the span of forty-five minutes. Craziness.

I also continued the ScurvyDog tour of every online poker site in the universe, signing up at Golden Tiger Poker and SportingBet Poker. Golden Tiger only offers a $30 bonus but it's added instantly (well, within 24 hours) on any deposit of $30 or more, and you only have to play 100 raked hands to be able to withdraw it. It's a Prima site so you've got all sorts of yahoos playing and really soft games.

SportingBet Poker is nuts. It's like Pacific multiplied times five, as far as soft, soft games and crazy players. Fairly common to see 10 max tables at assorted levels (even up to $3/6) with 80-90% of players seeing the flop. They offer a decent bonus, up to $100 total for 500 raked hands, but it's a bit slow to clear, as you have to contribute to the pot for it to count, and their software only allows you to play one table at a time. Plus their servers go down fairly often, so you get booted off a good bit. I'll probably hang around to clear the full bonus, as you can work it off pretty quickly at stud, which I'd like to play a bit more of anyway.

Trying. To. Think. Of. Something. Interesting. Failing. Failing.

I am looking forward to welding class tonight, so I suppose that's something slightly redemptive about Mondays. We have to produce some sort of welded sculptural piece at the end of class, and are starting on it either this week or next week. I still have absolutely no idea what to do, but I think I'm going to revive an idea I had in the past of making (for lack of a better term) weirdass coffee makers. Coffee makers are pretty simple to put together, as far as the parts and tricknology involved, and I thought it'd be funny to get all Rube Goldberg on a coffee maker's ass. I mean, yeah, sure, there's obviously an advantage in designing sleek, slim ergonomic coffee makers, all hip and cool. But I think it'd be pretty amusing to go the other route, with some big, honking welded monstrosity that, in the end, produces exactly the same cup of coffee. We'll see how that goes.

Must. Stop. Hiding. From. Stupid. Day. Job. Work. Meh.

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This might explain your Monday blues.....