Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Whorin' Life Ain't the Easy Life

I'm not exactly complaining but man, that Empire reload is putting my bonus whorin' abilities to the test. It wouldn't be so bad in and of itself but I'm double-dipping now on all the monthly bonuses and trying to knock those out too. Yesterday I had twelve tables open at one point, between two desktops and my laptop (which was also grinding on autoplay through the $40,000 WR I have on an Aztec Riches casino bonus).

The day job continues to spiral downward into a pit of sucking. On the bright side, gambling-related income continues to rise. This poses an interesting dilemma. I need to suck it up and deal for at least another year in order to build a larger cushion of savings. But yeah.

I've been sitting at Crypto 10max £5/£10 tables for the last few weeks, one day a week. It's been interesting, to say the least. I've been doing pretty well but I've also been blessed with a nice run of cards, and I've only gotten in a little over 600 hands, so we'll just ignore the current ridiculous 12.7BB/100 number PokerTracker shows me at.

It's interesting playing these tables as it's a bit hard to determine what is straight up idiotic play and what's the normal hyperaggressive play you'll encounter at tables of that limit. The Crypto sites suck in some truly awful players so it's hard sometimes to know exactly where you're at. I don't have much PokerTracker data for those levels on Crypto sites so I'm usually flying blind. I've definitely left some cash on the table, not pushing hands I'd normally push, which is exacerbated by the fact that I'm still a little gunshy sitting at higher limit tables after so much microlimit bonus whoring of late.

In general, I'd recommend playing the £ denominated tables if you play on Crypto, as long as it doesn't pinch your bankroll. The general level of play on the £ tables really is a good bit worse. I know it's bad to generalize but by and large the worst players I see on those sites (at limit hold 'em) are all European and tend to play at the £ tables, while most US players (who have a greater likelihood of being somewhat skilled and/or chasing bonuses) gravitate to the $ denominated tables.

Need to bang out some more Empire hands and then go get some steel-toed boots for myself and the wife, as we're taking a welding class that starts next Monday night. I'm pretty excited as it's at a new place that just opened up that offers artsy type welding classes, with rentable workspace and equipment and galleries and all that jazz. It was a little pricey but I've always wanted to know how to weld so it should be cool.

On a completely unrelated note, Doug Mientkiewicz, I dub thee the biggest sports fucktard of the new year. If you're not familiar with the story, he's a backup first baseman for the Red Sox, who was a late-inning defensive replacement at first base in the deciding game of the World Series (which Boston won for the first time since approximately when Jebus was born). The last out was a groundout, so he caught the ball while covering at first base. And he promptly squirreled it away, giving it to his wife to hide in her purse doing the celebration after the game, then locking it up in a safety deposit box.

Now the Red Sox want the ball. Except Mientkiewicz refused to give it to them, claming it's his retirement fund and that it's worth more than recent balls that have been sold. He originally claimed that he hoped to not have to sell it, so it could stay in his family so they could enjoy it, but he'd probably have to sell it as he'd need the money to send his kids to college.

Ignoring all the money he's made in the past, this guy is slated to make $3.75 million in the final year of his contract next season. Umm, yeah. Unless you have 12,928 kids, I think you can afford to send them to college. Any college.

Now he claims it was all a big joke and a misunderstanding and that of course he wants fans to enjoy it, that they can all see it, that it can be at the stadium, etc. As long as he still owns it.



JD said...

Love the blog, wanted you to know that I'm going to follow your casino bonus whoring guide. I started with $100, played by the book blackjack and ended up with $172. I stupidly played some video poker and ended up around $150, but I'd still call it a good first step. I'll definitely be sticking to blackjack from here on out.

Thanks for the work you put into your guide and your site!

redsimon said...

Does the looseness/softness of the crypto 5/10 sterling game make the £3 rake worth playing as its nearly 2x the $ tables rake?

Agree with you about the $200 Empire bonus.....a griiind!

ScurvyDog said...


Glad the casino bonus stuff was helpful and that you made a little scratch on the first one. It's obviously gambling and has its ups and downs, but the casino bonuses have been really good to me and are a nice occasional break from poker. I'd be lying if I said I also didn't get sucked into video poker sometimes myself, with the lure of a big payoff for a royal.


Thanks for pointing out the increased rake issue, as I should have mentioned that myself. A lot of the 10max £ tables I sit at in Cryptoland consistently have 4-5 players seeing the flop, which I think is worth paying the extra rake for. I also have a rakeback deal that softens the blow, so I don't normally worry about the increased rake so much. But it's definitely an issue, especially if the table is tight.