Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Sweet Merciful Jebus How is it Only Wednesday?

This week is dragging ass. Dragging, I sez.

Speaking of asses, I need to get off mine and do my taxes. Despite my best intentions I always wait until the absolute last minute, even when I'm getting a hefty return back. While I'm not exactly sure how the whole getting married thing is going to play out, tax-wise, we should get a pretty decent chunk o' change back this year, what with the mortgage and interest paid on my student loans, etc. It'll pretty much go straight to the fine people at Discover, but that coupled with my bonus check in March should wipe out all our existing debt. Well, ignoring the mortgage, which is sort of a given.

Still grinding away at assorted poker bonuses. If you have a Paradise account that you haven't played at in awhile, check your email, as I just got an account specific 50% reload offer from them, for up to $50 max. Which isn't what I need right now, as I'm still trying to catch up on a few lingering bonuses, but you know, what the hell.

I've been bulking up the poker blog roll a bit, trying my best to keep up with all the poker bloggy goodness out there. I basically just add new ones to the bottom of the existing roll, which is sort of interesting in and of itself, to see the chronological history of my own poker blog discovery over time. If you've got a blog that's not listed over there, give me a holler either via comments or at and I'll hook you up. Here's just a sampling of recently added poker goodness, in no particular order:

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