Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Three Day Weekend = Good Time Gamblin' Fun

I've officially entered into the bizarro-but-pleasant-land where every single card is falling my way, whether it be playing blackjack or poker. I realize these upswings don't last, that it's largely due to ridiculous good luck, but I'll be damned if I'm not enjoying it right now while it lasts.

I am going to take it easy this next week, though. Maybe even ban myself completely from any poker and blackjack. I've been playing two or three hours a day pretty regularly for the last month and that's just too much, in the grand scheme of things, especially if you have a day job, a wife, etc. Poker is good and money is good but there are much, much better things in the big ol' wide world.

What else, what else... I wish I had more sage poker wisdom to dispense, but most of what I can conjur up is every day grunt monkey sort of stuff. On that nore, here's the Grunt Monkey Poker Advice of the Day:

If you multi-table, don't be so ready to click the auto action buttons in a rush to get to the next table. I'm especially prone to this pre-flop with mid/small pocket pairs, hands like 88 in late position, that I'm reasonably sure I can limp in with. I'll click the "call" button then move on to the next table, knowing that if it's raised I'll be alerted and can then fold, but otherwise I'll auto call, the blinds will act, the flop will be dealt, all while I'm focusing my attention on other tables.

The only problem with this is that if everyone folds to me (and I'm in late position), the correct play isn't to call with 88 but to raise, if you're the first person to enter the pot. The same holds true with hands like A10s, KJo, etc. Basically any marginal hand that you'd like to limp with and see a flop is worth a raise, if you're in late position and first to enter the pot.

I'm not saying that the auto act buttons aren't helpful for multi-tabling, as they definitely are, just don't fall in love with the call button.

Hmm. It appears I'm going to half to take half a day vacation to go tend to the sickly wife. This may put my self-imposed gambling ban for a week to the test. Or, you know, I could just said ban start tomorrow...

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