Thursday, July 14, 2005

Cheese and Whine

Sorry for the slight slip into waah-land yesterday. Many thanks for the supportive comments. There are much worse things that can befall someone than not making as much money as you think you should be, clicking mouse buttons in an air-conditioned home, drinking a cold beverage.

I still think Ivey is the horse but damnit, Matusow doesn't appear to be going on. The only glimmer of hope is that he'll make it to the final table with a huge stack and completely crash and burn, reaching uncharted territory of whining, crying, and woe-is-me-ism. Which could b possible, but likely remote, as every monkey sitting down at the final table is guaranteed a cool million bucks at the worst, which can easily soothe lots of hurtsies and ouchies.

I love all of the shit talking that goes on at Pauly's WSOP blog and other forums. Hey, guess what, doofus? You aren't there. You were lacking in all critical areas that might have possibly taken you to the WSOP main event: courage, skill, and/or luck. I mean, sure, it's your right to throw feces through the bars of the cage and criticize someone for calling an all-in re-raise from Raymer with only AJ, but guess what? YOU'RE NOT THERE. You're talking smack on a blog or forum. Yes, I know, (and I agree, as far as horrible plays going down), but still. Cut people some damn slack. They're at last there, giving themselves a shot.

It got lost a bit in the general hubbub, but the whole unsolicited $700 million bid for WPT Enterprises by a group that Doyle was somehow involved with was a pretty odd thing. I wouldn't think Doyle would need the extra cash from what appears to be a blatant pump and dump play, but who knows. Makes one wonder exactly how much involvement he really had with the whole thing, or if it was just a probe bet on his part, as far as establishing interest and seeing where everyone stands.

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