Friday, July 29, 2005

Me Gamble Good Sometimes

I've gotten into the habit of making silly sucker parlay bets on baseball on Thursdays, largely to pass the time in the office since there are so many afternoon games. I keep up with baseball in a general sense, but by no means am I in any sort of position to be wagering on games.

To make matters worse, I bet on baseball in the same way I bet on horses. If I can find a reasonable combination that potentially pays off big, I'm all over that. And yes, obviously, I can stretch the definition of "reasonable" very, very widely.

So yesterday's silly $5 parlay was involved picking the following games, straight up, with my picks in bold:

Washington vs. Atlanta
Arizona vs. Chicago
Cincinnati vs. Los Angeles
Texas vs. Baltimore
Pitssburgh vs. Florida

Ba-bam. 5 for 5, baby.

Mr Lincoln, meet Mr. Franklin. He'll be taking your spot in my wallet today. Go emancipate some people or something.

I wonder what Bob Horner is doing these days? It's funny reading BSN and SpaceMan professing their love for the horrible Atlanta Braves of the 1980s, in that window after they suddenly got good and made the playoffs in 1982, but before they really got good in 1991. I loved those teams, watched every game on TBS I could, despite the fact that it was a good year if they won 70 games. While Dale Murphy was the obvious man, I always really liked Bob Horner for some reason, maybe his goofy hair. And, you know, he could hit a little, too. I'd like to imagine he went back to school and got a law degree or invested well but I imagine he's a general contractor these days, or owns a swimming pool cleaning company, or something similar.

This has been a very good poker week thus far, knock on wood. A good part of it is the variance pendulum swinging the other way, methinks, but I'm also playing a bit better, especially out of the blinds. That's one of those things I kept reading in assorted poker books, as far as blind play separating many winners from losers at mid stakes games and higher, but always glossed over, largely because no one spends a lot of time discussing blinds play, at least not in a detailed sense. Probably more on this in a future post.


BSN said...

I liked Horner, too - the 9 games each season he was healthy enough to play.


JasonSpaceman said...

Heh...yeah, he was a solid player, Bob Horner. Averaged almost as many HR per 162 games as Mike Schmidt - and actually more than Willie Stargell or Reggie Jackson - except Schmidt, Stargell and Jackson actually played day-to-day.

Damn, I loved those teams...