Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Raise Your Hand

Guess who's not at work today? *raises hand*

Guess who's going to Schlitterbahn today with their wife? *raises hand*

Guess who had their quarterly review yesterday, which was somehow, shockingly, surprisingly positive and good? *raises hand*

Guess who hit a pat royal last night autoplaying a video poker bonus on a ten line machine (minimum bet size, but still)? *raises hand*

Them's QUADS, Beeeetches


In non-annoying, non-taunting news, I managed to book another nice session last night at the 15/30 salt mines. I'm still having a hard time getting my head around the fact that sessions can swing so quickly, literally on the turn of a card. I was stuck from the get-go, thanks to flopping a set that eventually went down in flames in a huge pot. I got dealt KK three times in the first twenty hands, went 0-3, and wasn't feeling all that jazzed about this whole poker thing.

Fast-forward an hour, a few ridiculous hands later, and I log off +$400 the richer, all happy-happy, feeling that everything is right in the world. A few cards don't go my way, though, and I'm stuck a grand on the day. Interesting, this gambling thing.

I'm currently working my way through Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players by the S&M boys, which is pretty interesting. Most of the enjoyment, though, is stemming from seeing just how badly I've been playing Stud in my few flings with it. Don't see myself becoming a Stud convert, for all sorts of reasons, but it's always useful to learn more about assorted variants.

It'll be interesting to see if NL Hold Em continues to dominate the poker scene, as far as the most popular variant. Probably. Aside from amping up the whole competitive/confrontational side of poker, I'd hazard a guesstimate that it actually takes bad players longer to go bust at NL HE than any other variant, (except maybe limit HE, but only if they're smart enough to play within their bankroll). Seems a little counterintuitive, but in many cases it seems to take longer for bad play to be punished at NL, due to variance, lucky drawing donkeys, and what-not.


JasonSpaceman said...

I'm currently working my way through Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players by the S&M boys, which is pretty interesting.

Have you gotten to the point where you bet the ball gag for value yet? Or where you fold to save a bet when the Gimp is sleeping? Those are my two favorites. :-)

Drizztdj said...

Finished my first video poker bonus clearing last night...

+$35 from play
+$100 from the bonus

$135 towards some new poker books. I'll let you know if the next one works out as well ;)

Meek said...

Scurvydog, you had mentioned before in a post that you were doing a large amount of data mining, running a pc to watch tables while you were not there at the 15/30 level. I'm curious to know what's become of this? How many players at the table do you have information on when you typically sit down, on average? Thanks for the reading material and helpful info - gets me through my cubical days.

Huge Junk said...

Nice to hear that you've stopped using offensive language like "sucks" at work, and were able to book a nice review.