Monday, July 04, 2005

My Country 'Tis of Thee, Sweet Gambling Blissery

Got all kinds of crippety-crap done in the last four days, not the least of which was logging some good quality gambling time.

Pretty damn profitable extended weekend, all the way around. It's a little embarrassing that most of it came from video poker, but hey, I'll take it. I was clearing a signup bonus at King Neptune's, auto-playing 50 play Aces and Faces video poker on max coins, when I hit two pat straight flushes within 30 seconds of one another. I also signed up in pounds, which, umm, works out to a goodly number of dollars.

I've been on a nice, steady upswing the last week or so at the 15/30 tables. Nothing spectacular but I keep stringing together decent sessions, with no real implosions. I can't say I'm doing all that much differently, but I am trying to get the VPIP down a bit, and get the aggression up a bit. Also working on respecting the data I've accumulated a bit more, and not just chalk up aggression to mindless aggression, especially when it comes from obviously tight, aggressive players. I'm calling down with too many second best hands, when it should be obvious that the person representing strength, does, in fact, have strength.

Got kicked in the junk hard at UltimateBet, though, playing PL Omaha. I need to cut that crap out, as while I enjoy playing Omaha, I really don't have any business playing it, at least not PL with a decent chunk o' money in front of me. For whatever reason, I always seem to get clobbered on UB. I get suckered in to play occasionally due to the mountain of bonus dollars I have stacked up there, but quickly get kicked in the junk and run away for a few months, only to have the process repeat itself later.

I also bought a chain saw this weekend. Vroom vroom. Or, you know, whatever noise a chain saw males. The mimosa tree in our front yard suddenly decided to shed a big limb, and I'd been thinking about buying a chain saw anyway for general chainsawing.

Which is just about all I know about that. Time to go enjoy the remaining weekendy goodness.

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