Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saltillo Tile and Drawing Donkeys

Today's been an interesting day.

I managed to get our front walkway all spiffy looking with Saltillo tile today. Still need to grout it and cut a few pieces for the front edge, but it's basically done, and looks pretty decent. I haven't done any tile work since 1999, but, you know, it ain't exactly rocket science.

The interesting thing was the juxtaposition of now and then, doing basically the same grunt manual labor I did way back when, but under much different life circumstances. And things were decent enough back then (ignoring rampant drunkeness and minimum wage jobs and doomed relationships going nowhere), but sweet Jebus, I need to work harder at being aware and grateful of just how good things are right now, in nearly every single way.

It's also good to know that I still like actually installing tile, but still absolutely hate mixing mortar. Need to procure a helper monkey.

Pokerwise, it's been one of those welcome days where I can basically do no wrong. Had a nice cash in a Prima MTT earlier, solid sessions at 15/30, and a pretty crazy run at short-handed 5/10. Barring an implosion tomorrow (and I may do the cowardly thing and simply not play), July's shaping up to be a pretty decent poker month, despite all the travails and frustration.

Need to remember that poker and beer are always more enjoyable after a day of real, honest-to-Jebus physical labor.


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