Monday, July 25, 2005

PokerAce Heads up Display (PA HUD)

I gots to say, me like the new schedule of telecommuting Fridays and Mondays. I've even been good, as far as getting lots of work done and what-not and barely even taking advantage of the cozy situation.

I was a good poker monkey and installed the new PokerTracker patch, which now supports PostgreSQL databases. Things were getting unwieldly with the size of my database and poor Access creaking and groaning, so it was definitely worth the hassle of switching things over. Although be forewarned, if you have a big database it'll take hours to get everything copied over to PostgreSQL.

I also switched over from GameTime+ to PokerAce Heads up Display (PA HUD). I like the look and feel of GameTime+ better, but PA HUD is definitely the way to go, as it not only finds active tables on its own but, more importantly, it quickly reads the hand history and flashes the hole cards that opponents mucked on the river without showing, before the next hand is dealt. Sounds like a small thing but man, mucho helpful, especially for lazy monkeys like myself who didn't previously want to go through the work of retrieving tha info for each hand. PA HUD is free (for now) and easy as pie to install and get up and running.

Didn't play too much poker this weekend, but absolutely murdered a couple of casino bonuses. Continues to embarrass me somewhat, as far as casino bonus riches dwarfing poker winnings, but what the hell, I'll take it.

Bought ScurvyWife her early birthday/Christmas present this weekend, which was a VAIO laptop. Paid for solely by degenerate winnings, which felt pretty good, all in all. I generally likes to hoard the bullion but there's a good argument to be made for spreading the degenerate wealth from time to time.

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WillWonka said...

Now, you have me more than curious on these casino bonuses. What do you play mostly? How is the SPAM on the casinos?