Thursday, July 21, 2005

Harry Potter, Harry Schmotter

Hmm. Liked the newest Harry Potter book, much better than the last one, but, umm, the crazy emotional dramatic ending? The one you're not suppoed to expect and be torn asunder emotionally by? Meh, not so much. Sort of, umm, expected, once you know that there's an emotional ending that supposed to tear one asunder.

So the new plan is to start posting poker results on a weekly basis, likely on Sundays, which is when I block out time to review results and all that good stuff. I'm probably going to cheat a bit and start counting as of Sunday, though, so no results until a week after that. Yeah, I know, it's arbitrary but I'd rather start fresh, with a full week of results, instead of including past sessions when steam was pouring out of my ears. Yeah, I know, all results count, and I'll probably have steam pouring out of my ears in the future, too, but I'm using this whole turn over a new leaf thing to, umm, hopefully turn over a new leaf. So that's the plan.

Did have a nice quick hit and run session yesterday. 44 in the big blind, five limpers then a raise from the SB, everyone calls and I flop a boat that holds up. Me like. Made some nice additional loot on a few video poker bonuses, including finally getting a royal flush while playing manually. Too bad it was at the minimum bet for the game but hey, I'll take it.

Many thanks to Toby Toby for the blog pimpage, as well as other connections and hookups. You should all go click on every single article on her Poker site, until your fingers bleed, over and over and over.

I got the official okay to start telecommuting two days a week, starting next Monday. Which means I'll be telecommuting Fridays and Mondays. The more observant of you likely see why this is making me a very pleased monkey right now.


Maigrey said...

Probably for the same reason I like telecommuting - entertainment while on conference calls!

ScottMcM said...

Same reasons I love Fridays working from home.

Poker for 16 hours instead of 8

Toby Leah Bochan said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I just finished Potter and felt the same way.