Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I Need a Waahmbulance

Poker gods, you realize that if you reward me by whining that I'll just whine more in the future, right? You really don't want that, do you?

This is the short version of a post that was just eaten, but man, I hit a good run of cards yesterday playing .50/1 at Paradise. I was playing three tables, crusiing along, then started rushing on all three. Never had that happen before, not that I'm complaining. Pocket pairs kept flopping sets, flushes and straights came through,top pair held up, the whole nine yards. And nearly every big hand got crazy action, with a couple of maniacs that capped every round of betting with junk. I played about 45 minutes and finished +$214. No, really. That's what happened. Playing three .50/1 tables. Really.

Just signed up at Pacific Poker in order to play in the blogger tourny on Sunday. I'm already less than impressed with their interface (honk) and I appear to be missing any sort of deposit bonus, but what the hell.

Playing in an $5 Omaha tournament on Paradise right now, doing fairly well (22 out of 240). But it's Omaha so I'll prolly be out in about thirty-seven seconds.

But yes, thank you poker gods, for your blessings yesterday. I shall sacrifice many small animals and assorted virgins to repay you for your largesse.

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