Friday, August 13, 2004

Poker Friday

So Fridays I get to telecommute for the ol' day job at the cracker factory. Which means I play a buttload of poker. That's right, a buttload.

I played two $20 SnG early this morning on Paradise, nothing too remarkable happened. I finished 4th in one, 6th in the other. Can't remember much noteworthy, really. Guy caught a 2 outter in the last one to put me out, which was a little annoying.

I played a little $1/2, recovered from a rocky start to end up +35 BB. All I have to say about that is that there are some bad $1/2 players on Paradise.

Ran to lunch with some co-workers, did some errands, got back and fired up the poker again.

The afternoon was much kinder. Finished 2nd in a $30 SnG, could have won it, but didn't. Nothing too noteworthy. Came down to a coin flip at the end and I lost.

Then the fun started. I signed up for their $1 NL afternoon tourny, just for shits. I also started another $30 SnG, and signed up for the $5 Omaha tournament. And a $5 limit hold em tourny. To make it worse, also I signed up for a $3 satellite for the $35,000 guaranteed tournament tonight. My thinking was I'd quickly bust out of a few of them, and there was enough time in between them to not get too extended.

So I did pretty well in the $1 tourny. And kept doing well. And did well at Omaha. And won the SnG. And did well in the satellite. At one point I had five different tourny windows going. Way, way too much for me to handle.

But yeah. I ended up 3rd in the satellite out of 140, qualifying for the $35,000 guaranteed later tonight.

I finished 5th in the $1 NL, out of 1150 entries (banking a whopping $55, but hey, what do you expect from wagering a buck?).

I limped into 30th in the $5 limit tourny, for something like $15.

Finished 62nd in the Omaha tourny, out of the money. I suck at Omaha. Really.

Won the SnG, banking $150.

So yeah, sweet. I'm still fishing around in the freeroll for the WPT qualifier. Haven't seen a paint in about an hour. Need to grab some food and beer before the tourny later tonight. I think I'm going to self-destruct on purpose to run grab some food.

Good poker day so far. Need to finish it off strong in the guaranteed.

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