Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Poker Gods

You better be careful, poker gods. If you reward me after whining like a wee little girl about bad beats, I'll just keep whining in the future. Do you really want that? Do you?

I guess just like every rose has its thorn (thank you, Poison), every horrific stretch of bad cards has its, umm, non-horrific cards. And they were smacking me in the face yesterday like I've not seen in a long while.

Cashed in $10 at three different .50/1 tables on Paradise, looking to get in an hour or so of playing before the girl got home from work. Not much shaking for a bit, then I caught Ah 7h and limped in. Flop was all hearts, at which point two other players went to war, capping the betting each round. I was in the middle of them and just kept calling. I think I raised once on the river, but mainly just went along for the ride, not wanting to alarm them. Turn and river were harmless, I take down a huge pot.

Then I started rushing on all three tables. It was pretty surreal, as the first few hands I got powerful starting hands, but after that I was calling with things like Q 8 s and flopping straights, flushes, etc. I flopped a boat in the BB with 3 6 o. Kept making sets on the flop with all my small pocket pairs. And on and on and on.

At one point I won eight consecutive hands on one table, six on another, and four on the last one. With pretty heavy action on nearly every hand.

I played for a little under an hour and ended up +$227 for the session(s). Unreal.

It's funny, looking at my Poker Tracker stats, as by far my most profitable game for the last six months is, you guessed it, .50/1. Followed by $25 NL, $10 NL, and $1/2. By far I've lost the most money on MTT tournaments, followed by $20 SnGs, and $10 SnGs.

So, in a nutshell, the tables I enjoy playing the most are the least profitable, and the tables I enjoy playing the least make me the most money. Sweet.

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