Sunday, August 29, 2004

Yada Yada Yada

Not much poker excitement to relate from the last few days. Played a good bit but it's been pretty generic, as far as results. About at the break even point for the weekend. Well, no, I'm exactly -$47.26. But that's close enough to call it break even.

One trend that I'm noticing lately is that I'm basically killing ring games only to turn around and funnel it way into MTTs. I'm making money in the end, but the MTTs are a serious drag on the bankroll right now.

I'm not necessarily displeased by that, as it's a bit of a crap shoot with MTTs, and all it takes is one huge score to make it a +EV play. And it's encouraging that my ring game play is supporting my multi-table crack habit, and then some. But part of me is curious to see if I can cut out the MTTs altogether, and speed up the bankroll building. I'm close to being able to safely jump up to the $3/6 level, but I'd rather be playing 5/10.

Then again, I enjoy multis more than ring games. If I got to pick one to play at (assuming it'd be equally profitable), I'd pick multis, hands down. I'm still making money currently, playing a mixture of both, so perhaps I shouldn't rock the boat. For the interim, I may only play cheapo satellites for awhile, and try to get cheap seats into the 100K/150K weekend tournaments on assorted sites. Then I can still scratch the MTT itch, but not at the current juice of $30 (plus rebuys and add-ons) that I'm paying.

Lately I've been killing the low limit hi/low Omaha games on Paradise, especially the .50/1. Absolutely killing it. I got my ass handed to me when I dabbled in 2/4 Omaha, but the lower limits seem pretty ripe, what with all the chances for people to chase. Still grinding at .50/1 with much success, up a decent amount at $25 NL.

Not much shaking in multis. Bubbled at 13th in a satellite yesterday (top 12 got seats), bubbled in 26th in a $30 NLHE (top 20 paid). That was pretty annoying, as I was in the BB with A 10 o, and the SB pushed all-in with A 8 o. I called (he had me covered but blinds were 2K/4K and I only had 12K in chips), felt good for a tenth of a second, only to see an 8 hit on the flop. I (heart) 3 outers that bust me out right before the money.

Looking forward to the blogger tourny later tonight. 'Tis always a crap shoot but it should be fun, regardless of the result.

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