Saturday, August 14, 2004

No Mas Poker

So yeah. I'm a bit burned out. Sarah is in Dallas for the weekend so I've been cramming in as much playing time as I can. She's not real keen on me playing in general, so I normally have to keep it to a minimum, sneaking in games early on the weekends when she's still asleep, on Friday when I telecommute, etc. At some point we're going to have to have a showdown about poker playing, but not in the near future.

Sort of been futzing around last night and today on Paradise, playing assorted tournies. Just about even overall, with no huge swings either way. I managed to qualify for the WPT tournament tomorrow, where they give away one all expense paid trip to some WPT event somewhere or other.

Won a $20 SnG, in which I witnessed just about the dumbest play I've ever seen. It was 5 handed I was pretty short stacked, around T800 (largest stack had about 3500). It was late and blinds were something like 100/200. I had Ad Jd in MP.

UTG raised to 400, I went all-in, the maniac two seats after me calls, everyone else folds, UTG calls.

Flop is 7 7 J, nothing suited going on. UTG checks, maniac checks. (I should note that maniac is chip leader, largely due to a couple of crazy catches when he went all-in with the worst hand.) Turn is a Q. Check, check. River is a 4. I'm feeling pretty good right now. UTG checks, maniac immediately goes all-in, shoving in around 3000.

Now I'm assuming he's been slow-playing a set of 7s, and that I'm screwed. UTG debates for awhile and finally folds. Maniac turns over 10 high, and I take the pot.

With 10 high, he shoves all of his chips into a completely dry pot. I swear to jebus, it happened. If I was UTG, I would have started screaming bloody murder, assuming we were colluding and he was trying to protect me. I mean, I would have, if I was him.

So I got some cards after that point, ended up heads up with the maniac. It see-sawed back and forth, I caught some complete bs, and went on to win. Sweet.

Played a few multi-table tournaments but couldn't get anything going and busted out fairly quickly, right before the break in each. I'm finishing up an Omaha tourny right now and am about to call it a day. Paradise bankroll is up a bit, back to about $200.

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