Thursday, August 12, 2004

More Paradise

I think mayhap that incorporating the word "suckout" into the title of a poker blog is bad mojo.

Just played two $10 SnG at Paradise.

The 1st one was one of those annoying tournaments when it gets down to 5 handed and no one can lose, and chips just shuffle back and forth. People were attacking the blinds but the BB hand kept holding up. On and on and on. I was the chip leader when it went to 5 handed, but pissed away some chips on questionable steal attempts. (A 2 o and Q 10 s). I ended up going out 4th, right on the bubble.

The 2nd was even more annoying. I was in the SB and flopped a set of 8s; I had 8d 7d, flop was 8 10 8. MP player raised big, I called. Turn was a 7. Sweet. MP put me all-in, I call as quickly as I can click the button. He flips over KK. River is a K. Fuck me running.

I did do well at the $10 NL game, though, which I was just playing to keep myself occupied with during the SnG. I got the shittiest cards for, well, basically the entire time, but hit some junk with some blind hands, then a huge pot when I had 33, flopped the set, then rivered the full house, with two other players holding flushes. I ended up +$23.

So I basically made $3 for 1.5 hours of playing.

Big money, baby. Big money.

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