Thursday, August 26, 2004

Running Hot

Poker gods are still pleased with me. Thank you, oh so benevolent poker gods.

Played a bit on Pacific yesterday, trying to get used to the interface. I take back what limping praise I gave the site yesterday. It just baffles me sometimes that companies which operate solely online sometimes spend so little effort on creating a pleasing user interface. Why the hell is the draggable bar to increase your bet in non-limit games so frigging small? Why don't they expose both hole cards in all-in situations, or slow down the speed that the remaining cards are dealt? Why are the actual cards so freaking small that it's hard at first glance to differentiate a spade from a club?

Also a little annoyed that their bonus policy isn't more transparent. Yes, you get the bonus deposited immediately, but unless you play a certain amount of wagered money, they can take the bonus back. But they don't really define wagered money. I'm assuming it's money you willfully throw into a pot (including blinds) but that could be clarified a bit. And, unless I'm missing something, you can't play more than one table at once. Umm, okay. That makes absolutely no sense, in any fashion. Wouldn't more rake money be a good thing? Personally, I like more money. But maybe I'm weird like that.

That said, the site has been good to the bankroll. I played two $30 STT and finished first in one, second in the other. I should have won both but got lazy in the second one and didn't bully as much as I should have, after building a dominant stack. I also played a little $2/4 and ended up a bit, something like $20.

Since I couldn't find a way to multi-table on Pacific, I played a couple of .50/1 tables on Paradise to keep me occupied. Got decent cards, ended up +$30 for the session(s).

Paradise bankroll is now at $957. Pacific is at $490. I'm up $1,085 for the month. Keep on truckin'.

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