Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blah Blah Blah, Busy Busy Busy

My apologies for being sort of light on the poker content the last week or so, but I just haven't had the time lately to get much actual poker playing in. Other than losing my monkey ass at 6 max $5/10 qualifying for the Caribbean Sun 200K freeroll, I haven't played all that much.

Harrah's just released the schedule for the 2006 WSOP, which can be found here. I actually sort of like that they pushed the schedule back a bit, especially since Event #4, $1500 LHE starts on June 29th, which is my birthday. Makes it quite a bit easier to justify in me head, as far as buying in to a couple of the events, if one of the buy ins is my "birthday present" and not just, you know, setting $1,500 afire. Depending on how my degenerate activities continue to roll, tentative plans are to play Event #2 and #4 for sure, and maybe #3.

One slightly complicating factor is that ScurvyWife and I have been talking pretty seriously of late about the possibility of moving. Like, moving moving. To Curacao or possibly Costa Rica or Antigua. Other than the obvious benefits of living in the Caribbean, we're both just ready to pick up and go somewhere, anywhere, and live for a for years, before we get too encumbered and tied down by earthly possession and careers and what-not. The original plan was to basically just go and see how long we could stay, without dipping too heavily into savings. Assuming I can maintain the average level of income I've maintained the last year or so from poker and my degenerate schemings, we actually wouldn't have to dip into savings at all, assuming we lived fairly frugally and didn't go nuts with the mai-tais.

Lately, though, I'm getting more and more curious about the possibility of landing a job with an online gambling operator based in that region, since so many of the online operators are in Costa Rica and Antigua (and Curacao, to a lesser extent). While on the one hand I have absolutely no professional experience in the field, I've got years and years of SEO and affiliate experience, mad content creation skillz, and, cough, lots of intimate, first-hand experience in the world o' gambling. It might take some persistent knocking on doors, but I'd have to think I could land a gig somewhere as a hybrid affiliate manager/content creator/SEO consultant/blogger/public shiller/poker representaive for someone.

But it's all still at the crazy talk stage, so who knows what'll happen, as far as picking up and moving. Pondering the mere possibility helps get me through the current drudgery of cubeland, which in and of itself is a very good thing. Realistically speaking, we're probably a year away from making the leap, even if we decide to leap, so who knows what'll happen in the meantime.


Grinder said...

Caribbean - mmmmmmm - went to St.John last Feburary and are looking into Antigua next year. Also thinking of moving there but the logistics are daunting.

Still - it's a nice dream and if you do I will live my island life through you - NO PRESSURE!!!

WillWonka said...

That is what I was going to say.. We will live our dreams through you... I went to Costa Rica on my honeymoon and it was awesome...

JasonSpaceman said...

It is a brave soul who not only dreams these dreams, but talks about them in public. You've got two residents of Cheatham County (four if you count the dogs) hoping you can make that dream a reality.