Monday, October 17, 2005

What is this Poker that You Speak of?

I actually played very, very little poker this weekend. I know, the horror. Gasp.

I've picked up a few more freelancing gigs of late and banged out some work for that, plus made some decent headway on a couple of other projects. Every now and then I get freaked out at the state of perpetual unfinishedness that the approximately 12,927 projects I have running at any one time, but lately I'm trying to be more Zen and accept my lot. If I'm going to be a monkey of perpetual scheming, such is the price of admission. As long as I can keep the mountain moving forward, even if the progress is imperceptible on a day by day basis, in the end it'll add up.

Also was busy finishing up 3Q paperwork for my side business endeavors. Finding a competent accountant who charges very reasonable rates = priceless.

Three words for you football fans in the great Northern wastelands. Fire. Mike. Tice. He seems like a decent guy and all and most definitely isn't the source of much of the trouble, but sweet Jebus, you're running out of other excuses, given the talent you have to work with.

It causes me physical pain to type this, but the Broncos are actually a good football team, even with Jake the Snake at the helm. Maybe "because of" even, and not "even with". Painful, that admission is.

Damn you, USC. I go against every fiber in my being and root for the freaking Irish and you find some freaking way to win that freaking game. College football is so rigged.

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Drizztdj said...

I think Ziggy will be announcing something this week.

If not, I put the over/under to the Tice firing at 3 weeks.