Sunday, October 02, 2005

State of the Poker Union: September 2005

Total September Poker Results

Results for $15/30: +$506
Results for $5/10 and lower: +$296
Results for MTTs and SnGs: -$907

Total: -$105

Boo, negative numbers suck.

Poker-wise, it was sort of a glass half-empty, half-full sort of month. I really wasn't up or down all that much the entire month. I made a nice run towards the end but got slapped back on the 30th.

The half-empty side is pretty obvious, as I've been on a nice run the last few months, so it sort of sucks to be a donater. Especially when I felt like I played pretty well, all in all.

On the half-full side, I took some shots at larger buy-in MTTs, which were the main drag on profits. Zilch to show for it, and I wasn't ever really close to the money, but it's good for me to play more of those and get over the miserly reluctance to play in larger buy-in MTTs. I also didn't have a chance to play all that much, due to general busyness, and likely could have ground out some more dollars if I'd been able to get in more hands.

So yeah, fairly meh, but not all that bad, in the grander scheme of things.

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