Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Trampled By Emus

I managed to get absolutely run over by the marauding emus last night at the 5/10 shorthanded tables at Caribbean Sun. I'd chipped up nicely there in the last week or two, had banged out most of the hands to qualify for the $200K freeroll they're running, then bam, emu kick in the junk. Catch my breath and wham, another emu arrives with a roundhouse kick to the junk. Suddenly they congregate and it's all over.

(Ok, so I exaggerate a bit. I ended up only dropping $500 or so, which isn't fun, but also not much fun. And to be fair it was more a case of second-best-itis, with second nut flushes and middle sets causing most of the woes.)

Degenerate activities in general are treating me very well, though. I'm still working on an uber guide to sportsbetting bonuses and should be finished soon. Let's just say that yes, indeed, there is much gold in them thar hills for the patient and well-bankrolled.

If any of you are tempted by that new little blackjack icon on Party, make sure you give all the other juicy blackjack bonuses a whirl first: A Complete Guide to Cashing in on Casino Bonuses.

If you possess the degenerate gene that leaves one prone to liking the blackjack and video poker, you might as well play with some free money provided by the house and under +EV conditions. Let's just say there's gold in them thar casino bonus hills, too, for the patient and savvy.

Not too much else exciting going on in my little world. Still plugging away on all sorts of projects, a couple of which should be presentable to see the light of day soon. My juggernaut of a FFL team has rolled to 5-0, looking to adminster yet another kick to the junk this week. My only worries is that all the early season junk kicking may lead to fatigue when the end of the season nears, but only time will tell.


WillWonka said...

I was with you last night at the Caribbean Junk killing 5/10 games (even though I don't know if I was technically with you as I don't know your screen name).

I came back a little to only be down about $150.

Luckily, I monied in 2 of my 3 SNGs to make up the difference.

TraumaPoker said...

Emus? I like that almost as much as donkeys. Please read my blog for further instructions on how to ruin my life!

Performify said...

Yeah, you dropped a good sized junk kicking on me this last week in FF. I thought I was off to a good start with some respectable numbers, and then two or three of your players hit the endzone in the last few minutes of your games, and then all your late players blew up.

Truely a junk kicking, if i've ever seen one.

Good luck in the rest of the season. I think i'm in position to turn it on and make a solid run here on out...