Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Crypto Tables Taketh Away and Giveth

I have to agree with Senor Wonka's assessment that the Crypto tables seem especially cracked out as of late. Spent most of yesterday at the 5/10 6 max tables at Caribbean Sun banging out more hands towards qualifying for the $200K freeroll. Net result: +$1,208. Of course a chunk of that goes towards wiping out earlier losses but still, I'll take it. Most of those profits came from a crazy half hour or so where I was hitting every flop and could do no wrong. Once you get your tin foil hat adjusted just right, watch out, the poker world is your oyster.

I have to confess that I'm one of those twisted souls that gets a wee bit of pleasure of rooting against the home team, when I move to an area that has geographical allegiances to teams. Except for the Texas Longhorns (where I actually went to grad school at), I pretty much root for whoever is playing the Spurs, Astros, Cowboys, or Rangers. I really don't know why. Because I'm an asshole like that.

But even I came around a little last night, and was actually rooting for the 'Stros. Mainly because the Cardinals have been there before and the 'Stros just seemed so damned happy and so excited, that even my blackened, shriveled Grinch heart couldn't root against them.

Note to Brad Lidge: you're a big boy pitcher and definitely don't need my advice when it comes to pitching, but, umm, I don't think grooving one down the middle to Albert Pujols is a good idea. He's a big boy, too. A bigger boy, even. Plunk him in the back if you have to and pitch to Reggie "I Fall Down and Hit My Head for No Good Reason" Sanders.

I'm not sure who Rams fans get to blame now. Martz makes a nice scapegoat but man, that game last night was fugly.

Watching Madden slip further into dementia is also becoming less funny and more disturbing as time goes by. I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually gets toppled by just finally coming out and saying "Boom! That's another great play from a white, genetically superior, vastly more intelligent, non-threatening-to-my-personal-beliefs-and-worldview, Republican quarterback!" And then when Al gently reminds him "John, you're not supposed to actually say things like that when you think them, remember?" and Madden will giggle and start chanting "Horsecollar, horsecollar, horsecollar, horsecollar, horsecollar..."


Drizztdj said...

Tell those people at Crypto to stop dealing me second best hands and let me bonus whore in peace :)

WillWonka said...

Good job on the Crypto-mania tables. I'm sure I probably played against you last night...

As for the Rams... We stink... Enough said. As for the Cardinals.. don't care.. boycotted baseball...

Slayre said...

I don't have a tin foil hat..