Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wheels Up, Wheels Off, More Forward Thrust

Texas -13.5. Sorry, Sooners, but this one is going to get ugly early for you and stay ugly. And given the recent history of this series, the Longhorns are likely going to be more than happy to run the score up into the stratosphere. The times, they have changed.

My entire baseball playoff interests can be summed up as follows: anyone but the Yankees. Because I'll have to kill Joe Buck if they go very far in the playoffs, and I think I'd get shivved pretty quickly in jail after check-raising some fool one time too many.

I'd been getting drubbed at the Caribbean Sun 5/10 shorthanded tables, but went on a nice tear yesterday, pushing pretty solidly into positive numbers. Probably got a third of the hands done for their $200,000 freeroll, which is nice. I wish more sites would implement their structure with unlimited raises when it gets heads up, as yet another lemur stacked off his entire $300 wad into me last night with the second nuts. That's the third time that's happened to me on Crypto sites, and it still baffles me, as each time it's been boat over boat, and not even quads over whatever. Yeah, second nuts is a nice hand, but after the tenth or eleventh re-raise you might, umm, start slowing down a bit and consider the possibility of a bigger boat being out there.

Don't burn the place down. More on Sunday, post-Vegas.


DuggleBogey said...

Wow....GO YANKS!

If Buck goes down too, all the better for me! Plus the ScurvyDog posts from prison? It's a win/win/win!!

Beck said...

Um... if it's boat over boat, then neither of you has the nuts...

ScurvyDog said...


Unless there are jokers in the deck, if I'm holding A8 and the board is A A 8 7 4, 'tis pretty impossible not to have the mortal nuts.

(But yeah, if you're boating up with A A on a A 8 8 7 4 board, there's the possibility of quads out there.)