Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Is It Thursday Yet? Is It Thursday Yet? Is It Thursday Yet?

Two days to Vegas. Woot.

Played a ton of poker yesterday. Ended up $-14.72. Bah.

Fantasy football team is 4-0 after dispensing another mighty junk kicking. Performify is next in line. Unfortunately half his team is on its bye week, including Priest. I'll probably show a little mercy and go for the fast and devastating junk kick this week, instead of dragging it out in slow, painful fashion.

I realize its my damn blog, but many thanks to all of you kind souls who have commented with encouraging words about my constant wrestling with day job malaise. Yes, I know, I've posted about 182 well-nigh exactly similar posts, all with the same obvious conclusions, yet here I still sit, perched atop the pot. But many thanks for listening to my constant whine, and yes, indeed, this too shall end. I promise.


Meek said...

But I like hearing about you getting written up for just shaking your head no. Just like I enjoyed reading about Pauly at the Redneck Riviera. Sucks for you guys, but entertaining as hell for me.

April said...

Tell my baby hello when you get to Vegas!!