Monday, October 31, 2005

One Down, Lots to Go

As of yesterday, I have officially managed to stay married for a year without driving my wife absolutely bonkers. Amazing, that.

I'm not prone to general mushiness and sappiness and what-not, but it still constantly amazes me that I somehow managed to navigate assorted dangerous relationship waters and somehow lucked out and ended up in a very happy place. So thumbs up to that.

On the poker front, I got absolutely nothing. Not even a single card was flipped over the last three days.

Congrats to Donkey Hunter for taking down a Foxwoods Satellite. I've been tempted to take a few shots at PCA qualifiers at PokerStars but haven't quite been able to pull the trigger yet. As DoubleAs recently pointed out, it's pretty easy to sink a chunk of change in these, and despite the casual tone you see posted a lot "I took a crap the other day and accidentally won a satellite to the WSOP", the reality is that you have to have a perfect storm of conditions to take one of these down. And unless you go on to do well in the actual tournament you hypothetically win a satellite for, your actual ROI likely isn't going to be that great, especially if it takes multiple shots to win a seat. The potential ROI, though, is pretty enormous, thus the allure.

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things this month and get more hands in. The final numbers are going to look pretty good for October but it's a little misleading, as almost all my play came in the first half of the month.

It doesn't help that I bought Civ. IV last week, which is sucking up its fair share of my free time. I've always been a sucker for that franchise and so far am really digging Civ. IV, as they managed to improve a lot of the small, annoying things without changng things up too dramatically, as sometimes is the case. So far I've just been doing single player campaigns, so I may be even for even more time sucking if the multiplayer mode is cool at all.


Grinder said...

NO NO - NOT CIV!!!!! The most addictive game I have ever played.

Just ONE more thing to do and I'm going to bed (insert evil laugh).

I pity you. You are lost and your wife will never see you again. The beginning of the end.

Maudie said...

Congrats on the anniversary - cheers and here's to many, many more years of marital bliss!

Maudie said...

uh - "me" is Maudie! 8^)

Donkeypuncher said...


Ankhorahil said...

I bought Civ 4 last week, hadn't even gotten the chance to install it until tonight. I'm impressed by the graphics and perspective shift, but I think it'll take me a while to get used to the user interface. Somehow with the version I bought my tech-tree poster is in French, so I don't know wtf is going on.

Might be interested in doing some multiplayer once I get the hang of it ... none of my locals are really interested in that genre of game.