Friday, June 30, 2006

Alright Poker, You Can Sleep in the Bed Tonight

I wasn't in the best state of mind yesterday after exiting Event #4, so I thought I'd blow off some steam at the Venetian poker room. Didn't really want to play NL but the only limit games they were spreading was 3-6 and 6-12, with an arm-long waiting list for 6-12. So I sat at 3-6 and donated a rack to Grandma and Grandpa McCallstotheRiverwiththeiGutshotandHitsEveryDamnTime. Nice couple, those two.

ScurvyWife got back from the salon and I just said the heck with the poker thing and we did the tourist thing last night after dinner, wandering around to assorted casinos, and all hat good stuff. Have to say that I'm liking staying in the Venetian very much, especially since we got upgraded due to a lack of normal non-smoking rooms when we checked in.

I woke up insanely early this morning and ended up sitting in a 2-5 NL game at the Venetian, mainly just to kill a few hours before the wife was up and awake. Finished up +$600 or so, largely from big hands holding up and a nut flush draw getting there on the river in a pretty big pot. I also managed to make a couple of nice laydowns with AQ and AK, both times flopping an ace, but essentially drawing dead in both cases, with 2-3 other players in the hand.

I think I'm going to play in the $110 + $15 noon tournament they run here, although it'll likely be a $180 buy-in, as the rebuy and staff bonus add-on are likely fairly mandatory. Probably should be a little more selective, as far as cabbing it over to the Rio and just playing satellites there, but I'm afraid I'll disappear for the day on ScurvyWife if I do that, and I'm trying to be good and be only a slightly degenerate husband this trip.

One funny moment from yesterday was making the walk of shame down the hallway at the Rio after busting out, and calling my wife to relay the news, and realizing that the ten or so dudes around me on their cell phones were doing the exact same thing, as far as relating to someone about how some donkey managed to get lucky against them, how they got their money in with the best of it, yada yada yada. You'd think that one of us would have just gotten knocked out in a normal fashion or due to poor play on our parts, but nay, it was a massive donkey onslaught responsible for every single bit of the carnage.


StB said...

C'mon, it is never our fault when we get knocked out of a tournament.

cbe2869 said...

Would like to hear how the daily tourney at the Venetian goes. I'll be in Vegas next week and even though I'll be staying at the Rio that tourney had caught my attention as one to possibly play a couple times since I'll be there nine days and only playing one or two wsop events. Looks like they have them twice a day and with the rebuy and staff add-on you get 4k chips with 25/50 starting blinds and 30 minute levels. It appealed to me because you start with more than 1-2k chips, doesn't allow unlimited rebuys, the rebuy/addon are reasonable, and the blinds are longer than some of these live dailys with 15-20 minute levels. So perhaps not such a crap shoot. Just wondering how many people they attract and what the general level of play looks like. Sorry to hear about your wsop event but good luck with the rest of your trip.

cbe2869 said...

Thanks. You pretty much answered my questions with your last post. Congrats on the chop. I'd have take a tidy little $600+ profit with the blinds getting that high as well.