Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thanks, PokerStars, for Spawning Bad Beat Stories in Countless Poker Blogs Around the Universe

I think I thought I was happy with my 4xBB preflop raise with AA from UTG, especially when MP re-raised me a good bit, and after my push that he insta-called with Q10o. Yep, definitely was happy then.

Not so much, though, when a Q flops, followed by a 10 on the turn, and no other pairy on the boardy or third acey for me.

At least I didn't play for forever, only to come up empty. There is that.


kurokitty said...

There's nothing like adversity and sheer despair to keep the creative juices flowing. Way to go, 'Stars!

Victor_Enriq said...

Sure, I played four hours to end up 102. Great turn out for me. LOL