Saturday, June 10, 2006

Poker Ocean Joins the Tattered Fray

So for all of you Titan/Noble poker addicts, there's a brand new site on the iPoker network that just launched called Poker Ocean. It's operated by the same folks that launched Titan and Noble, same fishy players, same cool Rio, Maui, and Fort Knox SnG promotions, and a 50% up to $100 signup bonus, as well as 100% upto $100 monthly reloads. If you've already maxed out bonuses at the other two, hop on over to Poker Ocean.

The last few days have been all over the place, poker-wise. I still haven't quite made peace with some of the inherent bankroll swings in the short games, but I suppose I'm getting closer. Still haven't quite made it to the Shangri La happy place where money has no meaning, especially when I'm in the process of buying a second house and spending a lot of time in the world of crunching numbers and dealing with assorted figures and what-not.

The day job has been sort of up and down of late. I go through periods where I'm completely content to clock in, tune out, clock out, and collect a check every two weeks. There are much, much worse things in the world. But then I also hit the unavoidable patches where I look around and can't help but shake my head at the sheer lunacy of the place, and the things I inevitably do, on a daily/weekly basis.

Last week was one of the latter. I had to meet with my boss to develop my LAP, which is a Leadership Aspiration Program. This is basically an insanely convoluted document that is supposed to track my career development and my progress as I Aspire to Win by Leading, providing measurable, quantifiable metrics to gauge just how successfully I'm leveraging my Aspiration.

Truth be told, these things do amuse me more than annoy me these days, especially when I pretend to be very excited about them, which makes my boss very excited, and leads to very excited, animated conversations. At the same time, though, sweet Jebus, this is not how people should be spending 1/3 of their waking life, talking about LAPs and LDPs and TPS reports and bitching about fucking Lundberg.

But you gets what you deserve, I guess, and it's pointless to bitch when I keep going back there to check in each week.

Likely going to run some more WSOP qualifiers this weekend, so I'll hopefully be back later to report on the newest addition to painful bubbles in the stockpiled hoard in my bubble pantry.

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Mark said...

Are bubbles edible, or is the pantry just a good place to store them? If they taste good, we might never go hungry again!