Monday, June 19, 2006

Same As it Ever Was

Congrats to the lucky blogger types who did well in the blogger freeroll, including Glyphic, Ankhorahil, and likely others I missed or don't know.

About halfway through "The Odds: One Season, Three Gamblers, and the Death of Their Las Vegas" by Chad Millman, which I'd highly recommend for, well, pretty much everyone, even if you're a poker type that looks askance at all non-poker gambling. Pretty interesting glimpes behind the scenes, as far as the nuts and bolts of bookmaking, but also interesting as far as seeing the same demons that all gamblers tilt at, as far as bankroll management and the sheer addictive nature of competing and winning, when money is at stake, and the complete and utter emptiness of the endeavor when things don't break your way.

It's good timing to read it, methinks, as of late I've been getting the itch again to give playing full-time a whirl. This pretty much happens whenever I go on an extended heater and start crunching numbers, looking at where I'm making money, and let myself go down that road of attempting to convince myself that I'm costing myself money in the long run by remaining at the day job. This is folly, and I know it's folly, but it's still tempting. Many experienced folks much wiser than myself have put forth the sage advice to let poker stay a proftable hobby, as far as keeping yourself happy and sane, and I know that's the case for me, and fully intend it to be the case. Especially when about to buy a house.

The last few months have been nuts, as far as the cash I've been pumping through Neteller, largely arbing money back and forth between sportsbooks. I still shake my head in wonder sometimes, as it's the dumbest way in the world to make money, but hell, it works, and I'm going to milk it for all its worth, while its milkable. And then turn around and sink as much of that profit as possible into rental properties and renovating and/or flipping properties.

I'm probably a year or two out from it being realistic, but I'd like to get to the point where I could comfortably ditch the day job and just buy and renovate houses, turning around 2-3 a year and making about what I currently make at the corporate monkey job. I can't say any true Dream Job exists for me, but that'd be pretty close, all things considered.

Vegas in 9 days. Woot.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Hey scurvy. I recently won a Bracelet Race on full tilt, and you're the only other blogger I can recall who has also won one of these this year. So tell me, which event are you playing in out in Vegas? I'm leaning towards Event #13, the $2500 buyin nlh event, and just chipping in $500 of my own money on top of the Bracelet Race winnings. Or, more accurately (hopefully), $500 of various fish's money. When do you go out and what event are you planning to play?

ScurvyDog said...


I'm going out a little earlier than the general crowd, from June 28th-July 2nd.

I'd already set aside $1,500 to enter an event and have debated playing two events, but as of now I'm just going to use the Bracelet Race chips to buy into Event #4, which is the Limit HE $1,500 event and only play that one event.

I'm still going to take a few shots at qualifying for the Main Event, and if all the stars aligned perfectly for that I might make a second trip out for the ME and maybe another smaller event as well.

Roberto Roundtree Rogelio said...

Scurvy--- O' Master of Casino Whoring-

What do you know about "Casino Classic"?

They sent me a CD in the mail with an offer to play for 1 hour on $500 of their money, no match, and then I get to keep the winnings.

Of course, the idea would be for me to bust out and then be so attracted to the casino action I redeposit. But what if I go on a heater and win a couple hundred at BJ..? Have you heard this offer, do you know anything about the cashing out of winnings?

Apparently, I insert the disc, click a button and the timer starts, then I have 1 hour on my choice of over 140 games to try and "build my bankroll".

Sounds... a little.... too good to be true?

---Johnny FlopBoot