Monday, June 05, 2006

Where Does the Time Go?

Just a busy, busy, busy weekend. It's odd to find yourself suddenly a much different person than you used to be. I was the slothiest of sloths in grad school, cashing fellowship checks, going to class a few times a week, keeping vampire hours and basically doing absolutely nothing productive, whatsoever. These days I'm pretty perpetually in motion, always doing something, juggling 182,172 things simultaneously, ever plotting.

I pretty much got my ass handed to me poker-wise for most of the weekend, then got most of it back in the span of a few hours last night. Somehow I keep erasing that part of my brain that's responsible for remembering the swings that regularly occur in 10/20 and 20/40 short games. Schwingy.

I also keep bubbling in pretty painful ways. I was the chip lead with three left in a qualifier at Mansion Poker for a $7,000 seat/trip to Vegas, to be on their silly televised PokerDome program. I finished 3rd. This one stung as I was a 75% favorite in two different hands when it got down to three, with all their chips in the middle, and couldn't close the deal either time.

Destroyed things on the casino side. I finally got around to compiling an updated list of cashable blackjack casino bonuses and ended up hitting some new ones and a few I hadn't yet done. Finished with a profit of a little over +$1,600 in profits for the weekend, which is pretty ridonkulous. Most of that came from LinesMaker, InterCasino. Whee, free money for clicking buttons.

It looks like we're about to motivate on buying a second house, and it's looking like it'll be in the bustling metropolis of Lockhart, Texas. Not looking forward to an eventual commute of an hour or so, but the amount of house we can purchase their is absolutely ridiculous compared to Austin. We're talking turn of the century 4 bedroom/3 bath houses with huge porches and picket fences and enormous yards for like $150,000. We missed out on the property we really liked, but found half a dozen other houses that looked pretty promising.


kurokitty said...

Very cool! I've been to Kreuz Market, on a trip a few years back with the editor of Texas Monthly and another former editor from the magazine. You should have seen the look on their faces when another reporter wanted to order "vegetables" to go with our saltines and loaf of bread. LOL

J said...

It's odd to find yourself suddenly a much different person than you used to be

I don't know if having kids is in your future plans ... but if so, then you ain't see nothin' yet.