Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hi Vegas, Nice to Meet You

Note to self: don't ever again try to buy a house and go on vacation simultaneously.

Further note to self: go with your first read in regards to mortgage loan agents that give off an unsuccessful used car salesman vibe. Don't tell yourself that it's a reasonably simple transaction and that the company he worked for, as a whole, did a good job with your last loan. While all shall work out well, there's no reason to give fucktards like that business, especially if you knew within 15 seconds of meeting him that he was a fucktard. (Also, if someone in the financial services industry launches into a tale of woe involving their identity being stolen and having to file for bankruptcy as a result, umm, yeah, run far away.)

In other news, whee, T minus four hours or so until vacation officially kicks in. And I couldn't be more ready right about now.

We're taking the laptop and should have Internet access so I'll probably post a few updates while out there. Looks like I'll only be playing Event #4, which is an ever-exciting limit event, so hopefully I'll be able to hang around more than, umm, 15 minutes or so. If any of you poker kids are going to be out there feel free to shoot me an email at and maybe we can get together and have an adult beverage at some point.

Don't burn the place down while I'm gone.


Div said...

If ever anyone deserves a vacation it's you!

The hardest working man in the blogosphere.

Have fun in Vegas.

d said...

Have fun and run goot!

Joe Speaker said...

Good cards and good luck, scurve. And Happy Birthday!

Ignatious said...

good luck scurvy!

StB said...

Best of luck. Don't fall asleep.

Alan said...

On the other hand, going on vacation when you are trying to sell a house works surprisingly well.