Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hurry Yo Ass Up, End of the Month

I keep forgetting that, umm, we'll be in Vegas in just a few weeks, and I'll be playing in a dang ol' WSOP event for the very first time.

Churning through the Hollywood Poker bonus pretty quickly, but it definitely helps to be playing multiple 5/10 short tables. Most of the bonuses on the Ongame network clear much, much faster at 5/10 and above, and can be a real bear to grind out at lower limits. I'm almost 1/5th of the way through the monstro $1,000 signup bonus at Hollywood, after about 4 hours of play. It clears in $50 increments, which is a nice added perk, too.

Still running ridonkulously well on both the poker and casino fronts this month. Which is definitely nice timing, with that whole, umm, buying another house thing.

We got the seller's disclosure yesterday, which ended up being pretty good news, but slightly odd. The same couple has owned the house for 30 years, which is good as far as knowing about and disclosing assorted issues. Whoever filled out the forms, though, has worse handwriting than I do (which is pretty hard to do), so it's basically unreadable gibberish and is going to need to be typed up, by someone who can decipher said gibberish. Nothing really surprising in what was legible, as we knew about foundation issues, and a few windows that need to be replaced. One nice plus is that there was a recent hail storm in the area and the owners are in the process of having the roof replaced.

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