Monday, February 28, 2005

Blah Blah Monday Blah

I've been sitting here, vainly trying to see the bright side of Mondays. Failing. Miserably.

The weekend was good, if a little grindy. Saw some good live music on Saturday night, as well as Sideways, which I wasn't hugely impressed by. Good movie, good script, good acting, all that jazz. But it just seemed pretty damn unoriginal and formulaic for a movie that lots of people seemed to think was original and un-formulaic. Definitely worth seeing, though, and I suppose I should shut the hell up until I actually, you know, write a screenplay myself.

Only one more day to either think deeply or be funny. So, you know, get cracking. That $25 could be yours, dawg.

One of my side projects is going well, aided by much dumb monkey grunting and poking and prodding this weekend. I should have a stripped down beta version ready to roll soon, with stage 1 of 2 ready to roll. Stage 2 is going to be the bitch part of it, though, with much more grunting and poking needed.

I think I may take a bit of a gambooling break this week, mainly to catch my breath from all thr bonus grinding this last week or so. I'm thinking it may be time to regroup soon, with the poker playing, and retool the strategy. I need to find a better balance between bonus play and more serious play at higher limits, as it's harder these days to motivate myself to grind out bonuses at lower limits. As part of my long term goals, though, I need to keep grinding out those bonuses, as that basically guaranteed income each month needs to keep going into the growing stash that'll hopefully enable me to enter the world of the self-employed in March 2006. But it definitely not with joy in my heart these days when I sit down and start tackling a new reload or signup bonus. And that kind of sucks, as I used to enjoy that very much.

Our last welding class is tonight. Well, sort of, as we're taking the intermediate class next, which starts back up in a few weeks. Not sure the rocket coffee pot will, umm, reach a stage of completion. It's close but the nose cone I made kind of sucks and is too small, and I really should redo it. If I do, though, there's no chance in hell I'll finish it up tonight. Odds of it actually making coffee are pretty small so I'm not sure how much more time to invest in it. It's going to be a big rusted steel, rocket-shaped coffee "maker" no matter what I do, so I may just run with the idea and make it look as burly as possible, instead of redoing things to make it sleeker and more finished looking. So we shall see.

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