Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hurry Yo Ass Up, Friday

Not a ton to report on the gambling front. I chipped away a bit at the Paradise Poker reload but couldn't get anything going. 1/2 6 max has suddenly turned evil on me. Lately my Patience-O-Meter has been a bit out of whack and I think I may need to take it into the shop. While I wouldn't trade my recent run at sticky casino bonuses for better bonus whoring results in a million years, it's having a slightly negative effect at the tables. $150 poker bonuses only seem juicy if I can clear them really quickly, so I end up focusing solely on speed and ignoring everything else. Which is fine and not bad in and of itself, but it strips away all residual poker joy and leaves me especially cranky when I hit a bad run of cards. I need to keep reminding myself that consistently profitable poker results are attainable and scalable in the long run while casino bonus success (no matter how profitable) isn't reproducible, especially when dealing with sticky bonuses.

We had our welding class last night, which was fun but frustrating. I'd decide to make a steel rocket-shaped coffee pot but, umm, the engineering plans sort of disintegrated under real-world conditions. The galvanized steel I thought that would be so perfect for the body was way too thin, and essentially melted under any heat. So I'm back to the drawing board. It's still fun as hell, though, just cutting and welding and mucking around with stuff.

It's looking like I'll be in Vegas with the wife on the weekend of June 24th-June 26th. My birthday is the 29th and I've been begging and whining for awhile to go to Vegas, especially since the WSOP is cranking up around them. Assuming they have satellites I might try to finagle my way into the $2,500 PL Hold'em tournament on June 25th. Or, hell, maybe even just buy in, if I'm feeling frisky enough. I've been poking around a bit for cheap package deals to Vegas but surprisingly not finding much. Anyone out there in cyberland have any recommendations for online services they've used? The lazy monkey in me would rather do a package deal but I can also book it separately. Looking for a hotel on the nicer side, preferably on the Strip. Many thanks for any suggestions.


Pauly said...

Southworst airlines, er Southwest has some deals. Look into those guys.

The Bracelet said...

If it covers where you live, worryfreevacations.com is where I always book through. I've got a few ridiculous deals from them, but you just never know if the best deals will fall when you need them. BG and I paid $280 each for our stay at Excalibur with airfare for 4 days, 3 nights. Excalibur isn't exactly a upper echelon hotel, but they price out every hotel along with their airfare for you so you can see the differences in upgrading to wherever.

Wwonka said...

Try Travelaxe
you put in the dates and it checks all the hotels in vegas for you.