Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta

My rocket coffee pot project for welding class is proceeding nicely. Well, ignoring the fact that it's going to weigh about forty pounds when it's done. Steel is heavy, dude.

My Crypto £5/£10 excursion continues to be mas worthwhile. I'm liking that particular limit as you pretty much avoid all the bonus chasing on the lower limits as well as the potential full-time sharks on the higher end. I know I've said it before, but Crypto be where it's at, if you're looking for fishy play.

I do a lot of my scheming in the shower. This morning was one of those breakthrough scheming showers. Let it so be written in stone.

Speaking of scheming, I haven't quite let go of the idea of licensing a poker site. Still wading through the initial feeling out stage with two different software providers (Prima and Dobrosoft). Encouraging developments include the fact that both host and manage much of the required hardware, and that both (I think) take their licensing cut on an ongoing basis (e.g. each month they get a 20-35% cut of the total rake you take in). Both those factors greatly reduce the initial capital you'd need to get a poker site off the ground. Still to be determined is how much they charge for an initial license, any fees on top of the ongoing percentage, what (if any) level of customer support do they offer, etc.

About to move a chunk o' money into our Orange savings account that the wife and I just set up. I thought it'd make me sad to see my Neteller hoard dwindle dramatically but it's almost a relief. Well, not so much a relief but more a sense of satisfaction, as far as justifying the time/skill/energy put into my degenerate activities. And yeah, it's basically dead money, even drawing 2.35% interest, but it's there, damnit, tangible and safe.

I am going to be a little more aggressive with this month's profits, though. I'm still a bit skittish about the market but it's stupid to ignore it, especially in areas that I know more than the average monkey about. And I knows a good bit abouts teh gambling. So, moving forward, I think I'm going to start building a Degenerate Portfolio, comprised of assorted gaming and gambling stocks. I like the symmetry of reinvesting my gambling profits into gambling-related companies, as well as knowing that each and every suckout on a Crypto site is, in reality, boosting the rake and bottom line of CryptoLogic, Inc. Yeah, I know, diversity, blah blah blah, but I'm not necessarily going long on every position and the gaming and gambling umbrella is pretty broad and includes many companies you'd never ordinarily think of. Once it gets rolling I'll incorporate the portfolio into the sidebar, including positions, results, the whole nine yards.

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Uwannabet? said...

You gotta post a picture of the rocket coffee pot when it is finished.