Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Paradise Reload, Oh My

Some of you bonus fiends likely already know about this one, but Paradise is offering a pretty hefty reload bonus coming up soon, with a bit of a twist. Basic terms are as follows:

"Between 12:01am EST Friday, February 4th and 4pm EST Sunday, February 6th, when you make a purchase be sure to enter the name of the NFL Football team (EAGLES or PATRIOTS) that you believe will win this year’s Superbowl into the Bonus Code Box. You’ll immediately receive a 20% bonus (max $200) added to your pending credit total. Deposit $1,000 to get the maximum bonus.

But there’s more! Should the team that you choose win the SuperBowl by the spread listed below, you’ll win a seat into a special private tournament set to take place on Monday, February 7th where you could win cash and seats to the Paradise Masters $1 Million main event!

Philadelphia Eagles to win by +6.5 points* = enter EAGLES

New England Patriots to win by -6.5 points* = enter PATRIOTS"

Paradise bonuses clear at a rate of 10 raked hands for every one dollar in bonus money, so they go fairly quickly. They also release the bonus into your account in increments of $10, so you get some immediate gratification as well. You can also simply deposit for the bonus, get it, then withdraw again, as the bonus money remains in your account indefinitely, so you can work it off piecemeal if you have no other better bonuses to clear.

That's a tactic to keep in mind, accumulating bonus money for rainy days, as far as your bonus arsenal goes. I currently do that with Absolute Poker, as they offer weekly reloads and the bonuses essentially never expire, as long as you work off a bit of it every few months. I've got over $2,000 in bonus money sitting in my account there, just from depositing for a reload, getting a bonus, withdrawing the money the next day, etc. I'll likely never clear that bonus money, nor even try, but if for some reason every other better bonus dried up, it's not a bad safety net to have, especially since it's a completely free safety net that just requires the peridoic shuffling around of money.

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