Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Helllllllloooooo, February

This gambling month is off to a good start. I hope whatever is in the water stays in the water.

Is it a bad sign that I'm starting to sigh these days when PartyEmpire rolls out yet another reload bonus? The grubby raccoon in me can't resist free money, obsessively hoarding it away, but man. So many bonuses, so little spare time. Here are the details on the latest Empire reload:

"The 25% Deposit Bonus will ONLY be applied on your first deposit made between 00:00 hrs EST, February 3rd and 23:59 hrs EST, February 8th 2005. You must use the bonus code "Feb150" on the Deposit Screen where you enter the amount of the deposit. This deposit code will award you with up to $150 bonus.

Bonus Amount will automatically be added to your Bonus Account where it will be held until you play raked hands equal to seven (7) times the Bonus Amount within seven (7) days of making your deposit."

Works out to 1,050 raked hands for the full $150 bonus (deposit $600 to max out the bonus).

Speaking of bonuses, Caribbean Sun just increased the number of hands for their bonus, up to 500. Even if it's just 500 dealt hands (and not raked) that makes their piddling little $40 monthly bonus pretty worthless. All the other Crypto bonuses appear to be intact and unchanged, though.

Looking forward to the blogger tournament tonight, especially since it's been a few months since I've played a tournament of any sort. For lack of a more creative bounty, whoever knocks me out gets their own copy of the following musical masterpiece:

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em

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