Thursday, February 24, 2005

Show Me the Money

Note to self: don't say "sucks" in the upcoming team meeting this morning.

Things are chugging along in my little degenerate gambling world. I wish I had useful epiphanies to share, but I appear to be lacking in those. I'm still pulling in crazy sums of money from the casino stuff, still grinding out tidy sums at the poker tables.

If you're on the fence about casino bonus stuff, honestly and truly, from the bottom of my heart, give serious thought about checking out The Beginner's Guide to Casino Bonuses and giving it a whirl. Yeah, it's gambling, and yeah, your results may vary, but I've literally made tens of thousands of dollars, since November, starting with a $100 deposit at StarLuck. Have I been lucky and run well? Yes, very. Should you expect the same success? No, I've been really lucky. Can you expect to show a nice profit if you're disciplined and stick to good casino bonuses, only playing with the +EV math on your side? Yes, yes you can.

I'm finally settling into the 6 max limit groove, as far as almost all of my poker play these days. I've bounced around in the past from limit, to NL, to ring games, short-handed games, but I think 6 max is where I'm going to be at for awhile. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but it almost seems like I have less variance when playing the lower-limit 6 max games, clearing bonuses, as opposed to clearing bonuses at ring games.

Which I suppose makes sense, as you're less dependent on actually getting decent cards at 6 max, given the importance of pressuring blinds, playing aggressively even when the flop misses you, etc. That, to some extent, usually guarantees you a certain amount of pots pushed your way, which isn't always the case in low limit ring games, where you can get cold-decked but also lack the ability to win pots due to naked aggression, given the propensity of players to limp and call with anything. So while you may have larger swings within individual sessions at 6 max, overall your variance may actually be lower, due to the fact that you're less dependent on the vagaries of the card gods as far as what you're dealt.

In brighter corporate monkey news, our bonus was finalized finally, and it's getting paid out on March 15th. 10% of annual salary. Sweeeeeeet. Plus we've got a hefty tax return on the way, too. I think we're going to be good and squirrel most of it away but I should be able to get some sort of toy out of it, either a new dekstop or monitor some combination thereof.

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