Tuesday, February 22, 2005

If it Looks Like a Donkey, Brays Like a Donkey, Acts Like a Donkey...

Yesterday was not my finest gambling day. Someone needs to invent a service that, when you exceed certain pre-set parameters, they come over to your house and kick you in the junk. Direct negative reinforcement at its finest.

It's interesting, peeling away the behavior that leads to stupid donkey behavior at the tables. What seems to get me in the most trouble lately is simple, unadulterated boredom. Playing without a bonus overlay of some sort. Because then I get stupid and greedy and too prone to saying "That's my money, dawg, hand it back" and press too hard trying to make that happen.

I did get much done yesterday, though. Initial tussles with MySQL stuff weren't very successful but I'm getting my monkey head around the general concepts. I can't say I exactly challenge myself on a regular basis as far as learning new stuff goes but it's always pretty rewarding when I break down and force myself to learn the rudiments of assorted things like Perl, PHP, website design, etc. Anything to get the brain sludge stirring, at least a bit.

Hopefully I'll have some interesting announcments in the next few weeks. No, I didn't get hired by anyone cool to do anything cool. On the poker blogger announcement scale, these hardly register. But cool nonetheless, and hopefully useful and/or profitable for assorted gambling monkeys.

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