Thursday, February 10, 2005


Severely. Lacking. In. Anything. Of. Import. To. Say.

I am working on a poker bonus related post, about strategy as far as maximizing the return, playing certain limits for certain bonuses and games, etc. Work at the monkey factory is keeping me busy, though, plus the wife and I are taking a mini-trip for the weekend so I'm trying to wrap up all sorts of other assorted loose ends.

Things are still running very well at the tables. Other than last weekend being a complete washout poker-wise, the gambling gods are continuing to be kind. I think I may have exhausted the available supply of sacrificial virgins in Austin, though. Doh.

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April said...

My first reaction was that that was impossible, given the fresh supply every fall, but then I realized how quickly that usually changes. So might have. Damn you!!!