Monday, February 21, 2005

President's Day, I Love Thee, I Wish to Marry Thee

I loves me some ridiculous holidays.

I can't decide if ol' Hunter went out the right way or not. In some ways I think certain writers set themselves up for an exit like that, that it's somehow a natural end, and all that jazz. But it's also pretty cowardly, when you get down to brass tacks. To each their own, I suppose.

This weekend's been crazy busy. In a good way, but still. I've been a good little Grindy McGee at the virtual tables, grinding away. Nothing really remarkable at all to report. Just about done with the Cryptos for the month and hopefully will have time to work in some initial signup bonuses that I haven't yet gotten to.

Things have been intersting on the affiliate front as well, as far as making some potentially profitable/rewarding connections over the last week or so. It's time for me to get serious about my little side ventures. While I largely joke about my monkey corporate job and it's assorted travails, it truly is starting to get to me. I know it's pretty endemic to cubeland, but I've worked my ass off for that place the last 4+ years. Grade my performance on any production metric and I'm in the top 1%. I've consistently covered for other peoples' monkey asses, volunteered for projects, all that jazz. And all that results in is my current manager systematically building evidence against me that I'm "negative and destructive", simply because I refuse to say that everything is great and smile. (That actually was in my last performance evaluation, that I need to "smile more".)

So yeah. Sorry. I need some cheese with my whine.

Anywho, yes. Time to amp up efforts to produce a steady, comparable income from my degenerate pursuits. Less saying it, more doing it.


Human Head said...

(That actually was in my last performance evaluation, that I need to "smile more".)

Why is it that corporate life so closely resembles elementary school life?

Figuratively speaking, it really does make me want to go the way of Hunter at times :)

John-Paul said...

Hey Scurvy, great site. Been reading you for a while... sorry again about the rampant blind stealin in the blogger tourney. lol.

Anyways, I've got a crypto bonus whoring question for you: I just signed up with TotalBet. After 4-tabling for an hour and a half, I got 5 separate emails saying that I received the "5 pound" hourly bonus, equaling 25 pounds. Yet, when I check the cashier, there is a "PRM" deposit for 25.00 - and its part of my account, but not part of my "withdrawal limit". For example account is at 250, but withdrawal limit is at 225. Is this the monthly bonus or a sign-up bonus? Do I now have to unlock this 25.00 credits with raked hands or more playing time?

I guess I'm a little confused, I thought the monthly bonus would be automatically credit to my account and not an extra bonus that I had to unlock. Tried looking thru a few of the bonuswhore forums, but couldn't find any answers to my question. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

Smile more? If I'd been having the bonus whoring results you've posted I'd be all smiles all the time.

Div said...

I was once reporting back to a team meeting on progress on a customer project (we were a small company supplying a big company, and I was leading the team on the customer site).

I was giving my usual monthly - 'all the customers are idiots and the project will last forever' summary (which suited my bosses as they were charging a daily rate and paying us a fraction of it), when one of my colleagues from a different project asked 'How could you improve the project?'.

'Fifteen minutes with an Uzi', I replied.